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the angle bench

angle bench from the side

See how the laminate on the edges of the Angle Bench© create a graphic contrast to the impressionistic finish on the top and sides.

angle bench from the end

Viewed from the end, you get a look at the splines that are both structural and decorative. Note the little feet: cute, but that's not all. They keep the bench from scraping the floor. Different lighting brings out different depths in the colors of the finish.

close-up view of finish

Coming in for a closer view, you can see how the finish, in greens and blues, enhances the design.

as yet unnamed bench

corner view of unnamed bench

Any ideas about what to call this bench? If you come up with a name that we use, we will send you one of Ricki's banners as a 'Thank You'.

side view

Looking at it from the side reveals Richard's trademark canted legs.

view from the top

Viewed from the top, awareness dawns: there are a LOT of pieces in this bench. Who would have guessed that a piece with such simple, modern lines could, in fact, be so complex?

the bird bath side table

view from above

Keep your bird in his cage so he doesn't try to splash down for a dip.

side view

A side view lets us see the tusk-like legs serving as a pedestal.

top view

Richard's many years as a fine art painter come into play in the finishing. Many aquatic shades blend and swirl to create the illusion of a deep pool.

table of elegance. . . table of doom

table with drapery

Notice how the severe, yet ever-feinting-away lines of the John Table© are enhanced by classical drapery...

decorator's use of table

Note the coy, cocked legs that say, "This is all sooooo pretty... but let's play mind games."

Do you think the designer knew, when she placed the apples on the table to style it for the above photo, that Cezanne's apples, below, are among Richard's favorite things?

Cezanne's apples